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Tea flavors for the long winter days

You can of course drink hot chocolate, delicious with marshmallows, but yes, that is not healthy. That is why we have collected our 3 favorite winter flavors for you for the long winter days.

african breakfast thee

African Breakfast thee 

Start your day right with a cup of African Breakfast tea. Soothing, classic black tea characterized by nutty aromas and a smoky character. A smooth black tea from the Kangaita factory, Kenya's leading producer of quality tea. A full-bodied tea with a soft taste, characterized by subtle notes of fresh almonds.

Earl grey thee

Earl grey thee

Give your winter morning a boost with our own version of the classic Earl Gray features natural bergamot oil. This tea has been upgraded from just an Earl gray to extraordinarily delicious. This Earl Grey-esque tea with a twist is perfect for the morning. 

Rooibos cinnamon thee

Rooibos Cinnamon thee

The Rooibos cinnamon tea is perfect as an afternoon treat! This tea does not contain caffeine. Your trusty rooibos with a hint of cinnamon. Earthy notes of rooibos, with the warming taste of cinnamon, straight from Sri Lanka. Like all our teas, this tea also contains 100% natural ingredients.

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