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4 reasons why loose leaf tea is better for you..

Why would you even bother to head loose to make tea? Let's face it... we're all busy.. 4 reasons why loose leaf tea is better for you..

 We like convenience and quick solutions. At the same time, we crave quality and only want what is best for us. This goes from the clothes we wear to the products we consume every day. Still, if you look around your office space, I bet you see a mountain of tea bags with the most luxurious flavors, lying next to fresh, high-quality coffee beans. It's time to take your tea consumption to a to raise a higher level† But why on earth would you take the time to brew a cup of loose leaf tea when you could simply dip a tea bag into a cup of hot water instead?

There are many reasons to start working with loose leaf tea and leave the dark times of industrialized tea bags behind.

Let's stick with these four main reasons for now:


Tea leaves are chopped into mini pieces to get them into the small bags, greatly reducing the quality of the tea. Loose tea, as the name implies, is not enclosed in a bag, and therefore can fully unfold and release all of its natural aromas. The larger pieces of tea leaves also contain more essential oils compared to the chopped tea leaves, which enhances the taste of loose tea even more.


Often the leaves used in tea bags are mixed with other ingredients, which greatly reduces the taste. It is also not uncommon for tea companies to add additives and artificial flavors. The aroma of tea bag tea is generally nothing compared to that of a cup of tea with loose leaf tea. Fortunately, loose leaf tea has the most delicious flavors and scents, you just have to be open to it.


To be fair, the tea in tea bags is generally of much lower quality than loose leaf tea, as tea bag tea mainly uses lower quality CTC tea. Have you ever noticed how quickly the water changes color when you dip a tea bag in the water? This is because tea cut into smaller particles releases color and aroma more quickly, often aided by artificial flavors and chemicals added during the blending process.


Loose tea leaves give you immune system boost, lower your blood pressure and improve your concentration. This is because loose leaf tea contains more antioxidants and polyphenols (which are also found in tea leaves). Loose tea contains many nutrients and vitamins. Simply put, loose leaf tea allows you to take advantage of the excellent characteristics of the tea plant.


While loose leaf tea is generally perceived as fresher than tea bags, that doesn't mean loose leaf tea is always fresh automatically. In theory, this tea could be as old as tea bag tea, depending on how long it is stored in stores or warehouses.

At Frank about we do things differently, we use exactly the same quality in our tea bags as in our loose tea. Why? Because we want to offer the same quality to people who value convenience. Everyone is welcome 

For now, keep it fair, keep it frank! 

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