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The people behind Frank #3 marriage proposal

Meet Habbel, who will explain how tea (with vodka) can make or break a marriage.

I drink tea every day. Mostly black tea.
Sometimes with a little bit of sugar.
Tea bags taste very different from the fresh loose tea.

At home in Kisumu we do not use tea bags. We go to the factory ourselves and buy our tea there.

I prefer that tea; it is stronger than tea bags and of higher quality.
In Kenya we use tea for many things.
Sometimes you drink your vodka, or even your whiskey, with tea.
You make tea, put it in the fridge and add vodka.
We do this often here. Black tea with vodka. No milk, no sugar.
In Kisumu (Luo area), tea is part of many cultural traditions.
If you want to marry a woman, her family invites you to tea. It's a kind of ceremony.

The most important part of the ceremony is bringing tea.

If you want to marry the woman, then you should drink tea at her house so that her family can accept your proposal.

If you are not invited to tea, your marriage proposal will not be accepted. It's that simple.

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