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Mocktail recept - Iced Green Tea Mojito

Summer in your glass, that's this Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail. At least as tasty as the classic cocktail, but without the risk of a hangover. After endlessly making and tasting mocktails, we knew for sure: this is our undisputed number 1. Forget long lines at the bar at a festival, this stirred, not shaken You can just make a summer hit in your own kitchen. We use our Green Energy tea as the basis for this sunny mojito mocktail, which provides a subtle, soft-sweet taste. All you need is a handful of ingredients and some casual stirring. Success assured!

What is a mocktail?

Let's start at the beginning. Mocktails are, according to the official definition - just like cocktails - drinks made from a minimum of three ingredients. The difference? There is not a drop of alcohol in mocktails. Just like cocktails, you can make mocktails with, for example, juice, kombucha or syrup, but also based on lose tea. Each type of tea produces a different type of drink. For example, you can make a more robust mocktail with black tea, while green or white tea provides a subtle, light-footed base, such as in our mojito mocktail. The possibilities are endless. 

Sun in your glass

Summer or not, this Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail is the ultimate drink for a little sun in your glass, and in your day. We make it based on green tea, our own Green Energy to be precise. This tea has a soft, sweet taste that comes into its own both hot and cold. Mint in this mojito mocktail along with fresh lime provides mountains of freshness and that sunny holiday feeling, while honey helps to balance things out. a few raspberries, aka the most beautiful fruit on earth, give this mojito mocktail a fancy finish. Need something stronger? With a dash of rum you can turn this neat mocktail into a wild cocktail. 


In our mojito mocktail recipe we make tea according to the cold-brew method, about which you can this blog can read more. In short: because you use cold water for brewing cold brew, fewer tannins are released. Those tannins can cause a bitter taste, which you avoid by using this method of brewing. The result is a smoother, sweeter tea. Do you prefer not to drink too much caffeine? Then is cold-brew-thee a good idea. The cold water releases less caffeine than if you were to use hot water. A perfect basis for a super fresh drink that you can drink at any time of the day. On its own or with a meal. 

Mocktails with your meal

Speaking of meals, you've probably heard of tea pairing, combining tea and food. Just like with wine, by making the right tea-food combinations, both the tea and the dishes come into their own even better. You can also apply this principle very well to tea mocktails or cocktails. Taste is of course very personal, so experiment and discover your favorites. Keep a few basic rules in mind, or ignore them:

  • Black tea has a robust taste, which goes well with dishes with a strong taste. Think of it as a hearty red wine, which goes well with pasta dishes and red meat, for example.
  • Green tea has a light, full flavor that goes well with not too heavy flavors. Think salads, soups and sandwiches.
  • Witte thee is the most refined tea of the three. Drink white tea, or mocktails or cocktails based on it, with food with subtle flavors. White fish, poached chicken, mild cheeses: that works.

Our favorite mojito mocktail recipe

Are you thirsty yet? Below you will find our favorite mocktail recipe of the moment, an Iced Tea Green Mojito. This recipe is for 1 Iced Tea Green Mojito Mocktail:


  • ice cubes
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 150 ml cold-brew Green Energy
  • 1 tbsp liquid honey
  • 4 fresh or frozen raspberries

Fill a tall glass halfway with ice. Add the mint leaves and stir vigorously with a muddler or long spoon to crush the mint leaves slightly and release the flavors. Pour in the lime juice, Green Energy tea and honey and stir well. Add the raspberries and serve your mojito mocktail right away.

Do you want to make a larger portion right away? Then a cold-brew thee fles may be useful to use. Also a good idea: a splash of rum in your mojito mocktail. Add it to the drink at the same time as the tea.

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