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Cold-brew thee: DIY in 5 stappen

Cold brew tea, huh? Tea is a hot drink, right? We hear you think. But a steaming cup of tea is the last thing you feel like on a hot summer day. Good news: tea is also very tasty to drink cold! Yes, we all know the sweet factory iced teas, but they have little to do with tea. The cold tea we are talking about, cold-brew to be precise, is next level. But what exactly is cold-brew tea? What are the advantages? And how do you do it? After reading this blog, you want to get started with a homemade cold-brew right away. Mind our words.

Cold brew is tea that is brewed cold. So no hot or boiling water is used. The nice thing about a cold brewed tea is that the taste is different than if you brew the same tea in the regular way. The influence of temperature on the taste experience is greater than you think. In general, tea that has been brewed cold will taste slightly sweeter and smoother.

The benefits of cold brew

Tea with a surprising and soft(er) taste. And the great thing: cold brew is also very healthy. These are the main advantages and differences from regular tea.

  1. The cold water releases less caffeine. Cold-brew tea therefore contains less caffeine than regular tea
  2. Cold-brew tea contains at least as many antioxidants as traditional tea. Do you brew your cold brew with white tea? Then there are even more antioxidants in your cup of tea than if you were to make it hot
  3. Cold-brew is less bitter than regular tea. That's because less tannin is released when you use cold water instead of boiling water. Tannins can cause a bitter taste. So you won't have any problems with your cold brew.
  4. The cold water extracts more sweetness from the tea. So you don't need sugar at all. Ice tea eat your heart out!

The best cold brew teas

Did you know that you can make a cold brew with all our tea flavors? From herbal teas to black teas, it's just what you feel like. Our personal favourite: White Needles and green tea Jasmine Green. White and green teas go particularly well together in a cold brew. 

Cold-brew tea: this is how you make it

Making your own cold brew is super simple. Follow these three steps and you will have the best cold tea at home in no time.

  1. Fill a carafe with your favorite Frank tea (for loose tea use 2-6 tablespoons)
  2. Pour COLD (tap) water over it
  3. Leave in the fridge for a few hours, experiment with the time. If you stick with it for 4-8 hours, you'll be fine. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste
  4. Pour over your carafe with a filter and… that's it!

Don't feel like experimenting? With the Cold brew bottle from Hario you can make your own cold brew in no time.

Curious about what you can do to help our tea farmers improve their income? Help us sell more tea. Simply by spoiling yourself with the best tea in the Netherlands or by giving it as a gift to a friend.




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