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Come and do an internship at the tastiest tea brand in the Netherlands. We are looking for marketing, product and sales students

Frank about tea

The Tony Chocolonely of tea

We have 1 simple mission: 30,000 tea farmers at a living wage. How do we do this? By purchasing directly from them and paying a living wage. Compare us to Tony Chocolonely, but from the tea. Will you help?

Frank about tea

Born out of a passion for tea? Call it a passion for change

After our motorcycle trip in East Africa, we came back with 1 simple mission, to give power back to tea farmers. So not only do we make extremely tasty tea, there is also a clear goal. 50,000 tea farmers achieve a living income within 10 years by building the largest online tea brand in Europe. And you can contribute to that! 

Are you our next intern?

Whether you are looking to become a better marketer, entrepreneur or product developer or something else creative. We always know how to make room for people who want something more from their lives.


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