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How it all started.

East Africa, late 2016, armed with a motorcycle, Valerie & David decide..

...examined the tea industry in East Africa, and came to an interesting conclusion.

The trade chain from the tea leaf to your cup of tea is very long, and when the tea finally hits the supermarket shelves, it is no longer fresh, let alone that it can be traced exactly where it comes from.

That's why we started sourcing the best teas directly from tea producers in East Africa and now Sri Lanka. The result? Insanely tasty tea, from the tea plantation in your mailbox.

Your Frank adventure starts here

Raise your cup

Frank tea consists only of the highest quality herbs and tea leaves. Unique blends with natural ingredients. Move over slurp tea! Because a fair tea industry starts with better tea..

Love the planet

We are farmers first, but of course the earth does not leave us cold either. Climate change also threatens the lives of our tea farmers. Without fertile land, no tea harvest and therefore no income. That is why Frank tea is produced in a climate-positive manner and our tea bags are made from biodegradable corn fibre.


We believe that every farmer should have access to good education. That is why you contribute to Frank about tea with every product you buy. How?

We invest 2% of all turnover in farmer training courses in the communities where we work. Together we have already successfully trained more than 300 farmers.