Discover Specialty Tea

Behind every sip hides years of hard labor, transatlantic journeys, and lots of passion.

Get 1 of only 100 specialty boxes this holiday season!

[Shipped to NL & Germany ONLY]

Single-origin & Direct trade
  • Exclusive, small lot varieties
  • Hand rolled, loose leaf teas

Explorer Box €28,00

If you’re new to specialty teas, the explorer box is a great way to discover 4 different varieties of our specialty tea range, from Kenya to Sri Lanka. [Includes 1 perfect cup spoon]

Bestseller Box €25,00

For the experienced specialty tea drinker looking to indulge in our bestsellers this season. Meet Purple Tips and White Silver Needle from Kenya. [Includes 1 perfect cup spoon]

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Specialty teas like room for the leaves to unfold, release flavors and do their magic. Preferably steep loose in a teapot or glass.
Did you know the Same leaves can be steeped multiple times?
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