Our story

FRANK about tea was founded by two young rebels, who decided it was time to shake things up in the age-old tea sector.

Armed with little more than a motorcycle, they went searching the highlands of East Africa looking for the best teas straight from tea producers in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenia. They wanted to show the world that great quality tea can come straight from Africa.

Their dream was to make tea drinking exciting again and introduce the West to higher quality, 100% natural loose tea, and to be totally transparent about the origin of your daily cup of tea. So far, they’re doing pretty well.


How it all began..

Back in Amsterdam, after many late-night cups of tea (and the occasional coffee), Valerie and David realized that to be able to offer better tea to consumers, they had to find a way around the tea auction and wholesalers, and get the tea to people’s homes much faster.

They established relationships directly with growers in East Africa, and in late 2016, introduced the FRANK Tea service to the world. Fresh tea straight from the source, into your letterbox - with the click of a button. Every month, or as often as you like.



We are proud to source via Direct Trade. Direct Trade means going straight to the origin to source some of the best teas directly from tea producers. Having fewer steps in the process also means better traceability, which is really important to us. With Direct Trade, FRANK about tea is able to create a direct link between the tea producer and your cup of tea at the other side of the world- and well, that is pretty special...