Welcome to the first part of our Humans of FRANK series. Today, meet Grace and Mama Rose from Kenya, who share with us the meaning of their cup of tea.


Once, I ran out of tea, and I had to go to Tanzania.


I knew that Tanzania imported Kenyan tea, so I decided to go there and get my tea.

It was serious, I didn’t have tea for two days.

If you know the real taste of tea, you cannot enjoy any other.

That’s why Kenyans always travel with their own tea.

Personally, I am very concerned about tea. I even check the labels.

If it’s not from Kenya, I cannot drink it.

But I always know when it’s not from home. It’s the taste.


Tea is part of our socialization. It’s like meals.


Eating is a social activity for Africans. If you’re in a household, you have to eat together.

There’s no way that I’m having my breakfast at 9 and someone else at 10.

We have to eat together, as a family. That’s the same with tea.


Let’s say you have a bad relationship with someone, and you want to solve it out. People would always say: “let’s have a tea together”


You take your tea, and then you talk about whatever the conflict was.

We can’t imagine life without tea.


Because tea is our life, it keeps us going. 

When there are people you haven’t seen for days,

you always say “let’s have a tea together”.

I think our social life is important.

I don’t know what we would do without tea.



We never drink tea alone.

In fact, Africans never really live alone. We have so many children.


So when the mother wakes up, the first thing to do is to make tea.

And then we all drink together.


You know, there are others beverages like cocoa or coffee.

But Kenyans only grow coffee to sell it.

Most Kenyans don’t like coffee.

Personally, I drink loose tea, from my farm.

We sell it to the factory for profit, and then we go buy tea from there.



You have to drink tea in a big cup.

You know, the second cup of tea is never as good as the first one.

You just need to have one, a really big one. 



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