Meet Habbel, who explains how tea can either break or make a marriage. and vodka.



I drink tea everyday. Mostly black tea.

I maybe add a little sugar. Just a liiiittle bit.

The tea bags taste very different from the loose fresh tea.

Back home in Kisumu, we don’t use tea bags.

We often go to the factory ourselves and our tea there.

I prefer that tea, it’s stronger than tea bags, and is of higher quality.



In Kenya, we use tea for a lot of things.

Sometimes you drink your vodka, maybe even your whiskey with tea.


You make tea, put it in the fridge, and mix it with vodka.

We do this often here. Black tea with vodka. No milk, no sugar.



In Kisumu, the Luo county, tea is about customs.

If you want to marry a lady, her family invites you for tea. It’s like a ceremony.



So, the main aspect of the ceremony is to bring tea.

If you want to get the lady, you have to take tea from their home, so that they accept you.

If they don’t invite you for tea, they don’t accept your marriage proposal.

Simple as that.


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