High-quality, exciting teas

We buy direct at origin to provide you with better tea and farmers a fairer deal

Free pilot

We let you pilot our teas for free for 2 weeks, no strings attached

Office culture boost

By drinking FRANK and joining our mission, your team will feel valued and empowered

FRANK at work

We are already fuelling many offices in the Netherlands with better, more exciting tea, here are just a few of them

Going to origin

Our specialty teas are sourced directly from the producers who grow and process the teas.

Trading directly means unrivalled quality, affordable tea for you and a fair price for the producer.

All our tea recipies are designed and mixed in-house and delivered at its freshest.

Hassle-free service

We let you pilot our tea for FREE for 2 weeks, no strings attached

You can manage all future orders online, or receive automated monthly shipments

Invoices are sent directly to your financial department

Tea matters on the workfloor

In our competitive world, we have to always work better, faster, and be more creative. Tea can help boost productivity and keep you focused. Serving high quality, unexpected teas with a purpose, will make your team feel valued