Corona home office – we’ve got you covered

Let’s be frank, we’re farmers first, but we also feel a responsibility to support closer to home. This is why all profits from our webshop sales between today – 6 April go to our #waffles&tea campaign to cheer up the lonely elderly in Brabant, organized by charity “met je hart”. *

‘Physical distancing’ is fully respected for all waffle deliveries, duu

SPECIAL OFFER: From today until the 6th of April ONLY, you (your friends, your family, anyone you know) gets access to our WHOLE office TEABAG selection …at a discounted rate!
So worry not, you don’t have to miss your daily frank fix..and you can keep making an impact 

*Free shipping when you order 2 bags

Keep an eye out on social media in the next few days for updates! 

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