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Cool down, drink hot - The benefits of hot tea in summer

It's tropical outside, your house looks like an oven and a swimming pool in the garden
you can only dream for now. Our tip? Make tea! It may seem contradictory, drinking hot tea while outside the sparrows fall from the roof.
Still, it's a smart way to let your body cool down a bit.

How about that? We figured it out.

Drink yourself cool

A cup of hot tea is probably not the first thing you feel like on sweltering hot days. Still, it can be a good idea (and that's not because we happen to be team tea).

That drinking something warm helps your body to
lowering body temperature has been shown in several scientific studies. *

It's like this: by drinking a hot drink - tea
so for example - your brain gets the cue to start sweating. And let that be the perfect way to cool off!

Thee cool down

After that cup of tea, you may feel a little warmer at first, but because the sweat evaporates on your skin, your body temperature eventually drops a little bit. This works best in larger quantities. If you want to cool down, it's better to just drink that pot. Drinking something warm especially helps when the humidity is low and you can sweat easily. On a clammy summer day, or if you are already soaked with sweat after exercising, such a glass of warm tea has little effect. Small disclaimer: these are minor differences, and the extent to which it works also depends on other factors, such as the aforementioned humidity, the extent to which you are active and the outside temperature. So it is not a miracle cure, that hot tea.

Make your own iced tea

Don't feel like heat experiments at all and just need something cold? Also possible! You can easily make your own iced tea from many teas. Our own tea expert David is a fan. “You can actually make an iced version of all types of tea. It's just what you feel like. From herbal infusions to black tea and everything in between: everything is possible. My favourite? Our Fennel Digest in Jasmine Green. How to make the best cold-brew iced tea - the slow food under the tea - you can read in this article.


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