Real tea,
Surprising flavours

The Frank way

100% transparency: We buy directly from producers, without any middleman

We invest 2% of our revenues in Farmer Field Schools

The best fresh tea delivered through your letterbox

Meet Jasmine Green

Pure green tea, with the natural scent of jasmine blossom. Also delicious as cold brew in summer!


Let’s be frank, we are not a perfect company

Not even close, but we do our best to help create a more transparent and honest tea sector through the way we work. We strive to do business with the same frankness that we use to craft our teas. But we can't do it alone. Join us!

Our story

Frank about tea for businesses

  • Climate neutrally produced
  • Compostable tea bags made from corn fibre
  • Support the FairChain revolution
  • Get your company impact measured
  • Manage your orders conveniently online


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