Why on earth would you take the time to prepare a cup of loose tea?


Let’s face it. We are all busy (or at least pretend to be). We like convenience, and fast fixes. At the same time, we crave quality and only want what’s best for us. This ranges from the clothes we wear to the products we consume daily. Yet, if you look around your office space, I bet you will see an abundance of tea bags with the fanciest flavours lined up next to high quality fresh coffee beans. Let’s be frank, it’s time to step up your tea consumption. But why on earth would you take the time to prepare a cup of loose tea, when instead you could simply grab a tea bag and dunk it into a cup of hot water?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to adapt the loose tea lifestyle, and leave the dark-ages of industrialized tea bags behind.

Let’s stick to 4 key reasons for now:

  1. 1. Taste

Tea leaves are chopped into tiny pieces to fit into small bags, severely reducing the quality of the tea. Loose tea, as the name suggests, is not trapped inside a bag, and can therefore fully expand and release all its natural flavours. The larger surface of the loose tea leaves contains more essential oils compared to chopped tea leaves, enhancing the taste of loose tea even more.

  1. 2. Aroma

Often the leaves used in tea bags are blended, which takes away a lot of the flavour, and it is not unusual for tea companies to add additives and artificial aromas. The aroma of teabag tea tends to pale in comparison to a cup of loose leaf tea. Luckily, loose tea offers great tastes and scents, when you give it a chance.

  1. 3. Quality

Quite frankly, tea from teabags tends to be much lower quality than the loose leaf variety, as lower grades of CTC tea are predominantly used for teabag production. Ever noticed how fast your water colours when you dunk your tea bag in? This is because tea that is cut into smaller particles gives off colour and aroma quicker; often supported by artificial aromas and chemicals that are added during the blending process.

  1. 4. Health

Loose leaf tea helps to boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and improve your concentration. This is because loose tea contains more of the antioxidants and polyphenols that are found in a tea leaf, consisting of a range of different nutrients and vitamins. Simply put, loose tea provides you with more of tea’s general goodness.

Final thoughts

While loose tea is generally said to be fresher than tea bags, loose tea doesn’t automatically imply freshness. In theory, it can be just as stale as teabag tea, depending on how long it is stocked at the store or in warehouses.

If you still aren’t convinced that investing an additional 30 seconds to prepare a cup of loose tea is worth it, then let’s be frank, you are either a lost cause, don’t like better taste, or refuse to reward your body with more antioxidants. Or all of the above.

We love you either way.

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